It’s not that easy being Goettl Air Conditioning, on the other hand it’s not that hard

Servicing the homeowner’s needs is never straightforward at all times. Especially a true need like Air Conditioning in Nevada say, Clark County. What if it’s a 94 year old in trailer with no money on a fixed income that needs a total rewire and new system?

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

But you live where you work. Every Goettl shop is run by humans, supported by humans so it’s not that hard to do the right thing. Especially if it is in your corporate DNA.

Goettl is a big name, with a big presence. Across the Sunbelt from Phoenix to Las Vegas and beyond.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been making high quality air conditioners for the most severe markets longer than most of us have been around. When the senior citizen needed help and it was literally urgently needed Goettl partnered with another service to make sure their elder was safe. At no profit to them save doing the right thing.

Do you need to heat or cool your home? You need to know the name Goettl, and you need to call them. Check the best before you decide to ride with the rest.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

Student stories takes parent and child learning to a whole new level

Have you ever heard of ClassDojo? You may have, or you may not have. Yet the name itself, undeniably, is catchy and attractive….and it is sweeping young student learning by force, taking it to a whole new level! The world of schooling interaction will never quite be the same, and let me now illuminate you for a bit.

ClassDojo is a unique and attractively interactive online learning community for young students. It is essentially an online class room platform. It is always used in two out of every three schools within the U.S., which alone says a lot.

Not only that, but ClassDojo is always simple and fun to use. It is free for teachers to use. It helps teachers as they teach, and students as they learn….thereby connecting both demographics and age groups, better uniting their gaps and related differences. Thus, a better learning experience and recall is provided as a whole.

According to an online source article published just recently in July of this year, it appears that Class Dojo has indeed pushed the bar and excelled it once again! They have devised and delivered! What I refer to…is a revolutionary and eye popping new tool and toy. They call it Student Stories….and it truly is one to watch for!

According to the online article source, “Parents will be able to follow along with their child’s learning….whether it’s a photo of a poem they wrote, a video of a science experiment or a reflection on finally solving a tough math problem, students can easily record and share their learning with parents.” (pg. 1)

The new Student Stories is also easier for students to use, as they will not have to worry as much about remembering certain passwords and other login verification methods when using Student Stories. It is all done for them, and the only thing which they ever really need to remember to do is to scan a certain QR code for the class. They then add certain class content and voila! The instructions and material are all there and ready for them for viewing and online interaction, in the form of stories, games, quizzes, and even parent to child interaction exercises. This truly takes parent and child learning to a whole new level, and makes more possible….furthering relationships between parents’ interactions with their childrens’ learning levels and styles. This truly is a unique and special tool.


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Improving Your Company’s Reputation

A former executive for Status Labs chose to display controversial actions against the company they worked for. Status Labs is a crisis and online reputation management firm. This former executives’ actions not only threatened the reputation of the company itself, but it also made national media news and the information pertaining to this event quickly snowballed.

Over the years this firm has helped 1,000 businesses and individuals to improve their overall reputations since 2012. This company has provided a second chance for most companies that they come in contact with, to establish a good relationship with the people they are working with, and provide as much growth as needed when it comes to the digital world and public relations.

A change was needed and that is just what Status Labs did when they had a change in leadership, by employees who unanimously stated that they would like a resignation of the executive that was causing this disturbance. They took to the media, read from an open letter from Status Labs employees and included a team photo.

They realized that they needed to be more engaged with the local community, and got involved in charities, such as Dress for Success, Caritas, Urban Roots, Capital Food Bank of Texas and The Blood & Tissue Center of Central Texas. This allowed people in the local community to see that this company, Status Labs, had the right mindset, and goals associated with the company, and build a good reputation for being a helpful, charity oriented, kind of company.

They implemented many different things that would allow the workers of Status Labs to realize that they are important. They began with stock plans, so that employees would earn equity, incorporated catering lunches every Friday, and to bring in their well-behaved pets so that they could enjoy their lunch hour, outings were included, and kayaking on the lake. This experience was for the better for Status Labs, the team as a whole, and everyone who works for them. They could relate to clients, understand how crucial a crisis is, and explore options to make it better. Follow Status Labs on Instagram @statuslabs to learn more about the company.

The Extraordinary Career of Malini Saba

She looks like an average woman. With her short cropped hair, bright smile, dark brown complexion. But don’t let looks fool you. Malini Saba is one of the most influential investors in the world having success in a wide variety of investment vehicles.

Malini Saban owns a company called Saban who holdings are mostly in U.S. technology along with oil and gas interests. She is also a dedicated philanthropist who spends much of her time and money supporting organizations which help women find a voice in the world. One group is known as “Stree” assists women with healthcare and legal empowerment in many areas of the world. The more I learned about this remarkable lady, the more I was drawn in by her story and awestruck by her outstanding accomplishments in business and charitable giving.

Malini runs a very robust business but still has time for her family. Each day she walks her child to school and every day at the same time she picks her up. She schedules all of her busy meetings around these times because she does not believe in nannies. Clearly, parenting is one of her first priorities.

She has made a name for herself in investing by doing what the opposite of the going trend. For instance, she has made a killing in Indian real estate. She invested heavily in the assets while others were leery. It has caused Saba to be very wealthy. She has done this by taking risks. She has also done this by refusing to be bullied, especially being a woman in a male-dominated industry.

Malini also attributes much of her success to the risks that she takes. Saban dabbles a lot in the very risky but lucrative commodity markets. Even though the markets are volatile, Saban has a remarkable sense for them and uses it to take risks where others just shy away.

I am sure you agree that Malini Saban is an outstanding woman who is an inspiration to investors everywhere. She is truly a mover and shaker in her field and a rising star worth watching as she ascends in her career.