The Hands that Gives Get with Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel is an all rounded man. He has a successful career, he is a good family person and enjoys his social life to the fullest. He is also very active when it comes to giving. On a personal level, he is a supporter of the New York Rangers hockey team. Other than a successful career, he has been practicing music on the sidelines and particularly hip-hop music. He has, however, done this late in his life. He has followers on Soundcloud where he often posts his videos and music. To keep up with the latest trend in the ever-changing world, he can be found on Facebook and Twitter. He recently posted a picture of him and his wife on a hike.


Avi Weisfogel is from New Jersey and was born in 1976. He is currently working on the old bridge, in fact, he has worked at this place since 1999. He considers himself as a scholar as he takes a leave of 200 hours in a year to further his education. Other than the education he is pursuing, he has a degree in BA majoring in biology and psychology. He also holds a DDS. He has schooled at various institutions such as the Rutgers University and New York University College of Dentistry. Avi Weisfogel says that people suffering from sleep apnea can wake up to 30 times in one night. For this reason, he has sought to establish the relationship between dentistry and sleep apnea. His research has even been made better by the introduction of better machines. He has dedicated his practice to ensure that the 90 percent cases of untreated of sleep apnea are taken care of. Avi is a family man and has six children.


He has a venture of his own called Dental Sleep Masters. This is a program that is dedicated to finding a cure for sleep apnea. Like mentioned before, he is also active in giving back to the community. He has supported various charities in the past such as the Operation Smile Foundation where he made a donation of $ 2000. He runs a program on his own on YouTube when he posts videos about dentistry and other related issues.


Josh Verne And The Freedom Of The Journey To Success

One thing that could be said about any kind of journey towards a valuable goal is that this journey is to be enjoyed. For one thing, the person is working towards something very valuable. If the person is not enjoying his journey, then he may give up on the path. Another reason that the journey should be enjoyed is that he is most likely going to learn some valuable lessons and gain some valuable tools along the way. For one thing, in the event that one finally achieves his goals, Josh Verne may look back on his journey and use it to decide whether or not he has truly achieved something.


Josh Verne is knowledgeable about the journey to success. The journey to success for the individual is that of growth. If one is lacking in appreciation towards the journey, then it may have a negative impact on the effect of success. For one thing, people who don’t enjoy the journey may find themselves jumping ship before they get to their breakthrough. Josh Verne himself has enjoyed his journey. However, he is aware of his flaws. For one thing, he has learned the value of teamwork and actually backing up what he says and practicing what he preaches as opposed to just bossing people around.


One thing that people do get to experience when he is on the road to success is freedom. When people are pursuing their goals, not only do they feel a sense of freedom when they get to choose the type of journey they go on, but they also are more likely to enjoy their work. This is why Josh Verne advises people to get out of their own way.


One of the reasons people are in their own way is because they are often listening to the voices of many other people that talked to them. Among the many voices are the voices of those people who have told them that they can’t achieve the goals that they want to do. That they can’t live their dream. Once they decide to push forward, then they will be deep inside the journey that they are pursuing.


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CEO Bob Riena and his role in Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is all about the video communication business. The company makes video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking products. Founded by Bob Reina in 2007, Talk Fusion first opened its doors with its flagship product, Video Email.


Bob Riena, Now the CEO of Talk Fusion Talk Fusion has been dedicated to helping people. He says the company is about “building futures, realizing dreams, and giving back to communities all over the world”. That is the kind of commitment that will make an impact on the average person’s life. Prior to founding his famous company “Talk Fusion”, Bob served as a Tampa Bay Police Officer. In 1990, he began to involve himself in the network marketing business. Shortly after, he took a part-time job as an associate while still on the police force. His passion and commitment for network marketing led him to take a leap of faith and leave his sturdy Police officer career. Bob exchanged his time to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.


Bob has been trying to make a great impact on society by doing daily generous deeds. For instance, his record-breaking $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, or his life-saving involvement in the lives of millions of animals, or his generous monetary support of an Indonesian orphanage. Bob shows a tremendous amount of generosity, and dedication through his actions every single day, and those actions are repeated through his company.


Talk Fusion have always been devoted to helping people reach their goals and dreams by sharing its video marketing products. Hundreds of Associates with Talk Fusion have come forward with amazing stories about their experiences with the company. No matter what the story, Bob is always interested in only one thing: how Talk Fusion changed their life.


Whether it was a second chance to rebuild the frame of their life, save money for hefty medical expenses or the ability to financially help friends and family, every single story confirms his dedication to reach the impossible.


From donations, to fundraisers, to helping hand to anybody in need. Bob’s mission in life is to change lives.

Wengie Vlog Recap: Wedding

YouTube beauty blogger Wengie attends her best friend’s wedding.


She starts the video by talking about her meet and greet at a university in Sydney and shows some video footage of her with fans. She then shows some behind the scenes of her and her fiance Max’s upcoming videos and discusses her upcoming trip to Thailand. She also plays with a laser pointer with her two cats Mikki and Mia. Wengie then goes to a Google brand event. She first shows off her set, then eats huge dumplings for lunch. Throughout the video, Wengie shows behind the scenes looks of Max’s DIY videos, including ones for sticky sand, slime, and more.


Then Wengie talks about the wedding she attended. She shows the flowers she carried and some table setting pieces she took home with her. She shows footage of the wedding and explains that she shot the wedding video for her friend as her gift to the bride and groom. She then talks about an accident she had at the reception. She took a glass of Coke off a drink tray, causing the tray to be off balance and make a glass of red wine to topple over onto her bridesmaids dress. She tried lots of hacks to remove the wine stain but it did not work and she had to give her maid of honor speech in a stained dress.


Wengie then moves on to talk about the making of her recent “Lazy Hair Hacks” video. She also shares that her trip to Thailand was cancelled due to the passing of the king of Thailand. She then shows a DIY she did with her wedding flowers; she put blue food dye into the vase water, causing the light colored flowers to get a blue tinge. Wengie ends the video by showing interesting mail she got that week, including products from Estee Lauder, lip balms, and a face mask.

Andy Wirth’s Continued Dedication to the Lake Tahoe Region

Andy Wirth has been invaluable to the development of air services for resorts across the United States and Canada. He’ll now lend his expertise to the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation(RASC). The corporation recently announced that Mr. Wirth has been elected President and Chairman of the RASC.

Established in 2001, the RASC provides incentives for maintenance and expansion of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Their mission is to maximize the area’s potential as a year-round vacation destination. The Regional Air Service Corporation has dedicated themselves to gaining the cooperation of public and private organizations. They hope to further market the entire Reno-Sparks-Lake Tahoe-Northern Nevada area as one destination.

Andy Wirth is no stranger to leading ambitious ventures. He is currently the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, the company that owns and manages Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts in Olympic Valley, California. Mr. Wirth is also acting chairman of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. The board promotes air service into the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

When he’s not striving to make Olympic Valley a world renowned tourist destination, Andy Wirth spends his time helping others. In 2013 Mr. Wirth was involved in a skydiving accident that almost cost him his life. After inadvertently landing in a vineyard, and almost severing his arm, he was faced with a lengthy recovery. As part of his recovery process, Andy Wirth began training for an Ironman triathlon. During his journey, he befriended a group of Navy SEALs. These Navy SEALs would eventually inspire Wirth to form the Special Warrior Warfare team, a team that competes in the Lake Tahoe Ironman triathlon. Their main purpose is to generate support for the Navy SEAL foundation, an organization that assists the Naval community and its families.

Born in West Germany and educated in Scotland and Colorado, Andy Wirth is a valuable resource to the mountain resort and hotel industry.

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Dick DeVos Steps Back

Dick DeVos is a member of the prestigious DeVos family, a family that is not only known for their multinational corporation that generates billions of dollars in revenue, but is also known for their generosity in donating billions of dollars in donations on an annual basis to some of the most deserving organizations. Dick DeVos is many things including a businessman, a philanthropist, as well as a family man who is specifically dedicated to building the family business as well as preserving the DeVos family legacy on and into the future. Dick DeVos is a dedicated individual that has worked hard his entire life to follow the footsteps of his father.


Dick DeVos is an individual who has been specifically inspired by his father, Richard DeVos who is the developer as well as the co-founder of the family business known as Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos has always been interested in pursuing a career in business and has been inspired by his family members as well as the success that the family has experienced. Dick DeVos has fond memories of growing up and watching the family business expand from a business in the basement of the family home to a business that has become an international business.


Dick DeVos has followed his father’s path in business in many ways including his philanthropic activities. As a member of the DeVos family, Dick DeVos has donated millions of dollars to organizations of his choosing. Dick DeVos has been particularly inspired to give money to educational needs across the United States. As an individual who has taken advantage of his education, Dick DeVos understands that improving the education system across the United States will increase the human capital within the country. Dick DeVos has not only funded scholarships as well as programs, but has even used his money to develop schools.


Dick DeVos has devoted over 40 years of his life to the career of business which has been a career that he has loved throughout the years. As an older individual, Dick DeVos has begun to take advantage of his time to spend more time with his family. As a result, Dick DeVos has appointed a new CEO names Phil Dolci to take over some of his businesses that have expanded over the years. Phil Dolci was chosen for not only his innovative work ethic, but also for his leadership skills within industries.


Raj Fernando shows that being successful starts from an early age

Successful people can be seen from an early age from their passions and their will to succeed. This was what happened to Raj Fernando. His career did not just develop overnight, but he prepared since he was a young man. Currently, Raj Fernando is the chief executive officer as well as the founder of Scoutahead. This is not the first venture he has established in his life, previously, he had founded the Chopper Trading where he was also the chief executive officer. Raj Fernando possesses strong leadership skills. While he was working with chopper trading, it was very successful as the company was able to trade on various platforms such as LSE, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed as well as well as ICAP-Brotketek and NASDAQ.

One venture that shaped his career was when he was working with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He achieved this feat as a volunteer and while still in school. He worked here for a while and held various positions. Before he founded chopper trading, Raj Fernando worked at the Chicago Board of Trade for ten years from 1991 to 2001. He is also known for the role he plays in supporting the U.S. Commodity Trading Future Commission. He subscribes to the union school of thought of establishing an open as well as a transparent and competitive market that is also financially sound. Raj Fernando was approached by DRW trading group which made him an offer that made him part of chopper trading in the year 2015. DRW Trading group also operates in Chicago just like Raj Fernando.

Raj Fernando attended Beloit College for his undergraduate degree where he graduated with a degree in history and economics. Later on, he also attended the University College of London. Not only is Raj Fernando a business person, but he also well known for his philanthropic activities. He gives generously to the community around him. For instance, his kind heart can be demonstrated by the role he plays in the Chicago Orchestra and also his role in PAWS Chicago. Other than being a member of the board of his companies, Raj Fernando has been part of other ventures such as the American Security Project. He established the Scoutahead in the year 2016.

Adam Goldenberg’s Journey From a Budding Teenage Investor to JustFab CEO

Adam Goldenberg is a perfect example of where tenacity in business and in life can take you. When you consider the success his jointly owned business JustFab is now enjoying and then look at the journey he has had to travel to get there, you will know for sure that it pays to hold on to your dreams and goals till the end.

Goldberg’s Life Story

Adam Goldenberg’s story is that of a young boy who identified the path he wished to follow at a tender age and then found the courage to stick to it even when uncertainties loomed around him.

From the information available about his past, it’s evident that the young Goldenberg on Brandettes had wanted nothing more badly than to be an outstanding entrepreneur one day.

At just the tender age of 15 – an age where very few individuals ever think about investment or any major life decision – Goldenberg had already made up his mind to start investing and was the owner of a gaming company known as Gamers Alliance. He would sell this business three years down the line to Intermix Media, the company that owns MySpace.

Goldenberg’s love for business and investment never did plummet, it kept growing and growing, eventually prompting him to quit high school and move to another city to join Intermix as the Vice President in charge of strategic planning. He proved to be adept at his work and was soon promoted to be the company’s COO. He was sitting in such a big position aged only 20.

Meeting Don Ressler

It was while working with Intermix Media that Goldenberg met Don Ressler, his present business partner. Ressler had just joined Intermix in 2001 after selling away a company he had owned. Don and Adam quickly became friends, a friendship that would lead them into becoming business partners of a world renown e-commerce fashion company. See:

Ressler had saved up some funds from the sale of his company and also from other business ventures. When News Corporation acquired Intermix Media in 2005, Goldenberg and Ressler saw that as an opportunity to start a company of their own. They there and then used their savings to start an e-commerce platform known as Intelligent Beauty. The company picked up well and it was soon an authority in the health and beauty industry. The two investors however didn’t rest on their laurels, they started imagining a whole new business concept, that of a successful and unique online based fashion business. JustFab was soon born, an online fashion business that nowadays ships out $39.95 worth of goods to loyal female customers every month.

The successful duo had taken time to research thoroughly before setting up their fashion business. They had also hired qualified professionals such as designers and style consultants to help give their business an expertise framework. Such steps are partly to thank for the e-fashion house’s success.

Goldberg’s Tenacity and Determination

Goldenberg’s story may not be a story of rags to riches but it is a story of tenacity. It teaches one the power of determination. He was determined to realize his entrepreneurship dream and didn’t back out even when he could have left and pursued something completely different. All his success today are a result of his pure hard work and determination.

Goldenberg currently works as the co-CEO of JustFab Inc.

Seattle Genetics: Infrastructure expansion in Bothell

Seattle Genetics, one of the longest-standing biotech companies Bothell, has increased it’s public stock offerings from $400 million to $552 million by utilizing the over-allotment option. The company plans to use this increase in stocks to not only develop their drug pipeline and cancer drug Adcetrics, but to expand the company.

This expansion, however, isn’t limited to increasing employees, but to purchasing additional facilities. Seattle Genetics looks to increase the number of employees by 100 people within the next 5 years, bringing the number of employees to 1,300 by 2020. With the increase in company size since it’s founding in 1998, Seattle Genetics looks to purchase space in the Canyon Park area of Bothell.

The leadership skills of co-founder Clay Siegall, has played a big part in the growth of Seattle Genetics. His passion for finding a cure for cancer, has lead the company to build it’s portfolio of products targeted to curing cancer and autoimmune disorders. This passion lead to the development of antibody based drugs that kills off cancerous cells while leaving non-infected cells alive and healthy.

Prior to co-founding Seatlle Genetics, Siegall worked for Bristol-Myer Squibb Pharamaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. In 2014, mr. Siegall become the Director on Ultragenyx’s Board of Directors. He is currently the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Seattle Genetics.

With it’s interest growing Seattle Genetics is able to expand their research and development of cancer treatments, by bringing in additional staff. This increase in staff helps them come closer to their goal of finding a cure for cancer.

The Next Phase of Lighting: Intelligent Lighting

Gooee’s LED lights have replaced traditional light bulbs, but the next wave in lighting has arrived. The newest update in lighting is Smart Lighting, where the building senses what the person needs and adjusts accordingly. Most buildings come equipped with the internet, power, and other infastructures needed to make these lights work. Gooee’s Intelligent lights keep track of the environment in such a way and adjust to the needs of those in the room with biosensors and other devices. For example, in schools, it will assess children’s alertness and adjust to improve their focus and attention.

This type of lighting is perfect for businesses or homes. It can help a person de-stress or perk up as needed. In businesses, they can track customers to help with profits or they can help keep employees productive. As the processors and other parts become more affordable, intelligent lighting is becoming more accessible to everyone. Intelligent lighting is a marketing that is wide open and available.